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We at Alliance Medical Garissawe are striving to change healthcare for the better.

So, when you entrust your care to us, we acknowledge that YOU are as unique as your fingerprints, with your own personal circumstances, needs, fears and expectations about your health and care.

Our holistic view places YOU - as a person and not just a patient - in the centre of all we do, and encourage you to fully participate in your health and care journey with us.

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We are here to care for you. Everyone at Alliance is here to help you on your healing journey, providing comfort and care.

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We are dedicated to delivering on our promise

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We offer comprehensive range of medical services across the healthcare spectrum, enabling us to serve all of your health and care need

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Mr. Luqman Ahmed


Idah Muema

Head Of Corporate

Hussein Mohamed


Mr. Abdishukri


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We have wide range of procedures

We care about the dignity of our patients and all members of the Alliancefamily. We care about the participation of our people and our partners in everything we do. We engage everyone with empathy and respond with acts of compassion in all interactions with our patients and their families

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We have wide range of procedures


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